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Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

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What exactly is a pole sign? Think back to your last trip on an interstate. Remember the giant signs that made it clear from hundreds of yards away, where you could find gas stations, restaurants, stores, and more? Those are pole signs, and they’re incredibly efficient advertising tools.

Complete Storefront SignageA custom pole sign is a potent magnet for fresh customers. It’s effectively a beacon attracting potential customers from vast distances and letting them know that your business is ready to help them. If your company needs a permanent, free-standing sign with maximum visibility and effectiveness, a pole sign fits the bill perfectly.

Kanban Signs is the region’s leading designer, manufacturer, and installer of premium quality pole signs. We have dedicated, experienced professionals on call to handle every aspect of fabrication and installation as well as a fast, efficient customer support team standing ready to answer all of your questions. We’ll create the perfect pole sign for your business’s unique needs, promoting your company and drawing in more customers.

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Illuminated Pole Signs

Dairy Queen Pylon SignPole signs can easily incorporate illumination; the process is broadly similar to mounting a giant cabinet sign on a high pole. Lighted or illuminated pole signs are especially well-suited to businesses that stay open well into the night-time hours. Illuminating the night sky from a sign 20 feet tall (or even more!), an illuminated pole sign draws night-time customers to your business like an open flame attracts moths.

Illuminated pole signs may initially look like a pricey investment. Their ability to magnify the flow of incoming traffic to your business cannot be overstated. The increased number of customers and sales they draw in will typically repay the cost of the sign many times over.

If you’re considering an illuminated pole sign but aren’t sure it’s right for your company, we’d be happy to conduct a customized on-site evaluation and feasibility study.

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Pylon & Tenant Signs

Pylon Sign Tenant signPylon signs and tenant signs are structurally similar to common pole signs, but they deliver more information to consumers than singular signs do. Pylon signs are usually shorter than pole signs, but they use heavier materials, offer more signage space, and frequently use a broader support structure (dual poles or similar).

Tenant signs are a specific type of pylon sign designed for use in multi-business complexes such as business parks, shopping centers, and malls.

Uncertain about your signage requirements? Let us help you determine the ideal mix of outdoor signage for your business or complex.

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Free Pole Sign Consultation

Kanban Signs‘s pole sign experts are waiting to hear from you. We’re prepared to assist with every step of the sign construction process from conceptual design through to final installation and clean-up. Make Kanban Signs your local signage partner when you’re ready to get the best value and quality in business signs.

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