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Do you want your San Diego company to outshine all other rivals surrounding it? The best way to do this is by utilizing a customized lighted sign.

Lighted Signs channel letters banner outdoor storefront building illuminated backlit sign 300x225Currently, there are various types, styles, and shapes of lighted signs. Many of these different signage designs are used within a company and many businesses can benefit from some form of lighted or backlit sign. While there are lighted signs that are used for general purposes in all businesses, such as the emergency exit sign, other signs are more suited to particular business industries.

Our team at Seismic Signs operate to create customized storefront signs, lobby signs, and other types of lighted signs that are specific to a company, the business needs, and the company’s budget. Our business strives to become your only provider for all business promotion and identification sign needs.

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1. The Standard Neon Lighted Sign

Lighted Signs lighted 1 300x200While the appearance and feel of the standard neon light sign continue to be appealing to many individuals, this type of light can present with high levels of maintenance and costly repairs; therefore, standard neon lights are not always considered a worthwhile long-term investment. Fortunately, advanced lighting technology has introduced the LED lighted sign that has the appearance of the traditional neon sign but with a longer life expectancy and reduced maintenance expenses.

If you are interested in the vintage feel of the neon light but are unsure of the overall expense, then it may be worthwhile to give us a call. Contact us, tell us what you require, and we can make this happen.

2. The Lighted LED Signage

Lighted Signs storefront 3 300x174Nowadays it is possible to attain the standard neon light appearance using a high-efficiency, low-energy LED bulb. This type of light provides the same type of vintage vibe but presents this with a more eco-friendly option.

The LED lighting sign can be used in many different manners beyond the traditional simulation of a classic neon design. LED lighting can be used in channel letters and cabinet signs allowing the business to be lit up using backlighting. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that are associated with late-night operations, such as gas stations, hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, convenience supermarkets, and late-night theaters.

Our San Diego, CA company customizes your LED signs according to your preferences including the desired style, color, and type of animation.

3. The Interior Lighted Sign

Lighted Signs Royal Cyber Indoor Lobby Sign Backlit 300x169In addition to the storefronts or exterior area, LED and traditional neon signs can be utilized in interior spaces. It is also possible to use these lights to promote the company, such as the case where a restaurant will provide a smooth customer flow and highlight ordering and pickup stations using lighted signage.

The signs can be personalized according to the company’s requirements and your imagination. If, however, you are unsure of how to go about developing your idea, our experts will be able to turn your plans into a reality.

4. The Programmable Digital Message Lights

Lighted Signs 0092 Dairy Queen Bendsen Sign  Graphics W 19mm 80x176 Bloomington IL 101718 1 300x225For companies who are interested in using advanced technology, our company is able to offer customized and programmable LED message center signage. This type of sign can be utilized exclusively or as part of another sign system, such as on the storefront.

The programmable digital LED message center can be highly advantageous when compared to traditional neon light signs. This is because you are able to add personalized messaging and the messaging can be updated at any time including various color options. Certain models can also provide you with different aesthetically pleasing and attractive graphics.

5. A Full-Service Sign Company

Lighted Signs illuminated cabinet channel letters outdoor install 300x225Our San Diego company is prepared to help you with all aspects of the sign production procedure ranging from the initial design of the sign to installation and any potential repairs. If your customized signs are designed by us, you can be confident that you will receive a high-quality sign from a high-quality partner.

Free Lighted Signs Consultation

We off free sign consultation so you can outshine your competition with custom lighted signs by Seismic Signs!

Call Seismic Signs today at (619) 503-3634 for a Free Consultation with a Lighted Sign Specialist!