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Lemon Grove Vinyl Signs


Vinyl signs and graphics can be used in a multitude of applications, and come in various shapes and forms, suited to your application and needs. Door or window lettering can be used to present service hours at a store window or a clinic door, wall murals to improve the aesthetics of an office or lobby, banners for sale promotion, vehicle wraps to improve your business visibility, or wayfinding signs can assist customers and visitors with navigating your facilities. All of these signs can be created using high-impact, versatile vinyl.

Custom Signs

Vinyl signs are everywhere. You may have seen them as company name or logo stickers. The sign that led you to the office or teller you were looking for could be made of vinyl. The large image stuck on the side of a van or truck you may have seen on the street is most likely made of vinyl. They are used for marketing or promotions as well as for providing directions or instructions.

Vinyl graphics can be added to your facilities at any time. We offer a comprehensive range of options for you to choose from. Whether it’s for your window display, trade show exhibit, or something to use to assist customers, we have the right vinyl signs to support your business goals.

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Promotional Vinyl Banners

Large Format Indoor BannersOur most in-demand vinyl products are our vinyl banners. These include outdoor, indoor, large-format, and trade show banners used for business promotions. These are often used by store owners, specialty shops, and companies that participate in trade events or those that hold major marketing events.

Banners can be used within your store or storefront or at an off-site location to attract potential customers from a variety of different places. Our promotional vinyl banners are attractive, durable, and versatile. After they are used at an event, you can always reuse them for some other related purpose, depending on your design and marketing message.

Window Vinyl Clings & Film

Vinyl Window Signs

Window vinyl clings and films are commonly used on store windows or glass. Promoting events and sales for shops, they can give your windows a 3-dimensional feel that is more attractive and compelling than a flat display. Frosted, etched, or perforated films provide some privacy for those inside an establishment, such as a restaurant or professional office, that has windows along their storefront.

Vinyl window clings can be periodically replaced or permanent installations. Sale or promo announcements in shopping centers, for example, are typically updated seasonally while frosted film is intended to be more permanent. Vinyl window signs or graphics can feature any design you desire, and serve as decorative additions to a glass window or provide privacy, or both.

Cut Vinyl Lettering

cut vinyl lettering

Versatile cut vinyl lettering can be used in different ways. Typically, they are used to readily present information about a business such as service hours, permit or license information, and contact details. They can be stuck to glass windows or the door of an office. They may also be used to provide instructions or accessibility information to customers.

Aside from presenting business information to customers, cut vinyl lettering and graphics help improve the appearance of a store or office. They can also enhance the perception of credibility and legitimacy of a business. An investment in your business signage shows potential customers that you are professional and ready to assist them. Cut vinyl lettering helps maintain brand awareness or recall by using the right catchwords and design elements to support and promote your brand.

Wall Murals & Floor Graphics

Wall Mural

Vinyl wall murals and floor graphics are an excellent way to improve the appearance of a lobby, hallway, meeting or conference rooms, or break rooms. They are useful not only in adding aesthetic enhancements but also in furthering business promotion efforts. These durable vinyl elements and attractive and high-impact, and can do everything from share a meaningful image to tell the story of your business and brand in a highly visual way.

Floor graphics allow you to present information in a unique and exciting way. What better way to display wayfinding information than by your feet? Our durable floor graphics can be utilized in many different places and ways, including installation on wood, tile, blacktop, concrete, and even some carpets.

Vinyl Graphics Options

custom retractable bannerSeismic Signs offers an extensive array of vinyl products and material, suitable for many different applications on virtually any smooth surface. Choosing the right vinyl signs and graphics can be difficult, but not when you work with us. We provide free expert consultations, learning about your needs and goals, and providing the right vinyl signage options for your purposes.

From banners to vinyl graphics, Seismic Signs creates attractive vinyl elements to support your branding and marketing goals on walls, windows, doors, floors, vehicles, and more!

Seismic Signs provides every type of sign your business needs, from indoor signs to outdoor signs, vehicle wraps, and custom signs.

Full-Service Vinyl Graphic Shop

custom wall mural installation

Seismic Signs is an experienced Lemon Grove vinyl graphics provider, addressing all aspects of the vinyl signage including custom design, attentive fabrication, and expert installation. Our process starts with a free consultation where we discuss the specifics of what you want your vinyl signs or vinyl banners to accomplish. We will then present a design sample for you to approve or edit. Once you give your approval of the design sample, we move forward with custom sign fabrication right here in our Lemon Grove, CA sign manufacturing facility.

Many vinyl elements are simple enough for you to install yourself, however professional installation can help to prevent bubbles, cracks or creases in your finished product. It is important for elements such as cut vinyl lettering for doors and windows to be properly aligned and spaced. Our installation professionals are experts at manipulating vinyl, ensuring an attractive finish for your project.

Free Vinyl Signs & Graphics Consultation

Lemon Grove Vinyl Signs sd logo 300x60Seismic Signs does not only offer high-quality vinyl signs and graphics that are attractive and suitable for any purpose, we also provide free consultations to ensure you are getting the right products for your needs. From single graphics to large format storefront displays, Seismic Signs is your Lemon Grove vinyl graphics partner!

Call Seismic Signs at (619) 503-3634 for your Free Consultation with a Vinyl Graphics Specialist!